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Festivals & Music

Main Street Saint Charles and Frontier Park on the Riverfront host a variety of Festivals and Live Music throughout the year. Follow the links below to find out the current schedule.

A huge thank you to everyone that donated items, their time, or their support.  We could not have done this without you.  In the words of Dolo's father, Mike--What a night. Over $10,000 raised tonight at Big A’s for the Dolo Memorial Fund. The love, support and generosity simply continue to amaze the Boschert family. Special thanks to the entire Big A’s team for an awesome event honoring Dolo. The Dolo Memorial Fund will be something that gives back some of the love and “special” that Dolo gave the world. Can NEVER replace Dolo, but it will help to honor and remember how special one person can be to so many friends, strangers, family and co-workers to inspire living life to the fullest. Be that fun, inspiring, sometimes crazy, always loving person Dolo was - you knew her and saw it. Tonight those touched people remembered and honored Dolo. THANK YOU. I challenge you now to be that light in your workplace- your family - your circle of friends - your neighborhood. Dolo would be proud. We’ll definitely share Dolo Memorial Fund details as they firm up, but know it will give for years to come. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, GENEROSITY AND LOVE. Dolo is smiling from above.
Dolo_Check_2022 (2).jpg

Photos captured throughout the fundraiser have been uploaded.  If you missed the event this photo gallery will make you feel like you were there.  Thank you Elli H. for documenting this!

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